Storage Tank Systems

Storage Tank Sidewall Systems

Our sidewall systems are pre-engineered to meet your project's specific requirements. All of our systems are installed without welded attachments allowing the tank to remain in service while being insulated. Sheathing materials are available in painted Aluminum, Galvalume and Stainless Steel. Insulation materials (isocyanurate, polystyrene, EPS, fiberglass, foam glass or mineral wool) vary in order to satisfy temperature ranges of your storage tank to minimize fluctuations.

Vertical Standing Seam System

Horizontal Panel System

Vertarib's vertical standing seam panels consists of foil-faced isocyanurate foam insulation laminated to a stucco embossed metal sheathing. Panels are 24" wide and full tank height. The sidewalls are safely secured to the tank utilizing an internal cable and clip system that is secured within the standing seam of each panel. Our standard horizontal panels are 4'x8' and are precurved to fit the tank curvature.  Weatherseals with butyl tape inserts for each panel are provided in order to provide a weathertight system. Preloaded spring tensioned Bandsion system attached to 3" bands are used to attach the panels to the tank and to allow for expansion and contraction.

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